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What have I been doing when I wasn't blogging? (Take#3)

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I went on a Courtney Summers marathon.  I downloaded three of her book... Here are two of the three reviewed..(for now).
This one I've been wanting to read for ages, since I saw it on Goodreads. Finally I found an ecopy and devoured it. It was very engaging, specifically the protagonist who is the complete opposite of your everyday heroine one gets all chummy with.
Story:  Parker Fadley was Miss Popular once upon a time. She was a straight A student, grade A bitch, SUPER popular, cheer leading captain, dated the most popular boy in school..basically she had it all. And suddenly she didn't. The books tells the story of what happened in fragments, and her path to recovery. During the story she is stuck up and has made a goal of alienating people from her life. Did I mention, she is a total bitch to every character in the book, except her puppy Bailey. I just didn't get what her problem was. So I read the book and found out. It was a good read, I …

What have I been doing when I wasn't blogging? (#2)

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This I borrowed many light years ago from the local library, because its Douglas Adams. But I didn't get round to reading it until a few weeks ago. It was hilarious, not as brilliant as the Hitchhiker's Guide. It was imaginative piece of science fiction but not great. If i had to give it stars I would give it 2 for imagination and humor.

Story: A ultra- luxurious and a very technological advanced spaceship has been designed by the Leovinus Greatest Genius in the Universe. The job of constructing was giving to the Blerontin Government, instead of the Yassacans (who are by the way the best engineers on this side of the universe) due to some complications. The Blerontin people in turn employed the Amalgamated Unmarried Teenage Mothers' Construction Unit.As though that wasn't bad enough, they even compromised on budget and cut corners because the expenses were way too high. This has consequences- Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure(EMF) an…

What have I been doing, when I wasn't blogging? (#1)

What have I been doing is short feature that is going to tell you what I have been upto instead of blogging. 
I was originally going to make it one post. Surprisingly it turned out to be very long, so I decided to make it a series of posts. 

This, I won a copy of in a giveaway. I have this habit of pushing books that I own down the TBR shelf. They go right at the end, since I own them. But I picked it up, because I was looking for a hardback to do some art and convert into a clutch. Crazy I know! It took me forever to even consider damaging a book for vanity. *sigh*. But its recycling, especially if its a book I don't like. Except turns out I did enjoy the book even though it was not my genre of tea.
This was the second in a series of 5 (so far). I read this one without reading the prequel. The story goes something like this, Ethan Wate is in love with Lena Duchaness, it appears that they started their fling in the previous book. In this one, Ethan has been accustomed to…