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Bangalore Jam: Meet Chumbak! (#2)

"Bring out the bread and get your spread of  Saturday Jam!"
Greeting and Happy Saturday. Quick Recap: The last time I did this feature was a year ago. I was so pumped about it, I stopped after one post.   It was suppose to bring my blog back to life! Bleh, but it didn't. Nevermind that. Now it is officially back!
For real.. yes I will be continuing this feature because I still love the idea so much!  The Last Saturday this was launched dates back to Jan 14, 2012, which was when my first edition came out featuring the Drongographer. Today I will be featuring Chumbak! :)

Hmmm...I discovered Chumbak at Crossword (books store in Bangalore) piled up in a basket. There was an assorted range of funky looking coasters, charms and wrapping paper. I LOVED them, they were hilarious and adorable. I picked up a set of coaster to gift my friend's parents for Diwali.  And then I looked it up on Google and they had a website and this whole trove of other things. They've grown a lot since…