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On Lana Del Ray's Summertime Sadness, catharsis and inspiration

Something about Lana Del Ray's Summertime Sadness playing in the background while I swallowed up Richelle Mead's first in the Vampire Academy series struck a chord inside and made me want to blog. Strange but it was this blissful and inspiring moment.
Although when I tried to think about a structure, a form, purpose I struck an empty mine (instead of gold, if you didn't get that one).
Someday I feel this dying urge to write, to share what is on mind, wandering inside, like a phantasm flitting from room to room, shelf to shelf, box to box.. just wandering. Until someone turns the key and pfff its locked in a room, that is plastered and built over and the new tenants pretend like no such thing as ghosts exits. Maybe that is the theory behind lost souls and wandering spirits. Thoughts, ideas, people and feeling that were left behind unsatisfied and incomplete.
I think writing is a medium of expression that helps free this ghost within. Like a catharsis, as the Romans or was …