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Book People# Kelsey Finklestein- Meet Meredith Zeitlin's High School Heroine

Hello and welcome to another episode (post) on Book People. A (pretend) show I host here at Assortments. The dates of the show are uncertain and infrequent. I interview characters I like/ enjoyed meeting at random. This interview I did a while
ago but didn't get around to posting.  I was still debating over whether I should after the book had released
or before. Freshman Year and other Unnatural Disasters comes in March 2012. My interview contains a lot of spoilers so its your call on whether you want to continue reading this post or not.  don't say I didn't warn you!*SPOILER ALERT*

So here goes, today we have on Kelsey Finkelstein debuting, next month, from Freshman Year and other Unnatural Disaters! *round of applause* Finkelstein sounds like a name I would give my zombie doll, hehe. Meredith Zeitlin helped organize and  co-ordinate this interview with Kesley. A big shout out and thank you to Meredith! 

In retrospect tell us 5 things you LOVED about Freshman Year?  Well, there were act…

Monthly Theme Post- February

is something like a monthly meme. Every month Sophistique Noir picks out a theme out of a magic hat and we all do a series of themed post across the blogoverse! The last time I did one these was in October (last year) on Lace! :)
February- Rings <3 I'm surprised its not something lov-ey and heart-y, considering V-day is round the corner! This months theme I LOVE, not only because I suggested (hehe, self praise?! I know I know. I am just super excited- the random joy of "being picked!") but also because I have a huge thing for them. I don't own all that many, but its a growing collection. 
Some ring trivia:

I found an explanation for the 4th finger being the chosen for a wedding ring on Wikipedia.
Apparently old beliefs tracing back to Ancient Rome, state that the left hand's ring finger is directly to the heart: the vena amoris or vein of love! 
Just like flowers, sometimes different types of rings signify different things. Oh the joys of culture diversity! Click her…