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How to take care of yourself when you're sad and drained

I've got the post graduation blues.
Like a time lapse video,
every daily repetitive motion like making coffee, eating breakfast, getting on the train to school, getting to school, working, working
working away into the night, coming home and forcing myself to close my eyes as my brain continues working,
feels exhausting and unreal.
Suddenly I gave my thesis presentation and was walking across the stage to collect
my degree.

It was all over.
I had accomplished my big master plan that I had sketched out three years ago as I was graduating college. Everything I written down, drawn, planned for it was done and dusted. The video ended.

Now it was me, who has to wake up from the daze of going through the motions and make more plans. However before I do that I found that I am so sad and drained. Here is a list of things that I've found helpful in taking care of me, myself and I.


1. Make your bed comfortable. Nest yourself in the gentle embrace of goose feathers, fabrics and…

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