Chicago Dispatch: The difference between walking in Chicago and Bangalore

In the neighborhood that my parents currently live in and the one that I grew up in, it is ridiculously easy to find things. By things I mean bread. For instance, there is a bakery, a tailor, a fruit and vegetable market, a newspaper and cigarette store and a restaurant all within walking distance i.e. under 2 miles. So a lot more than bread. 
As a child, I learned in school that this was a luxury, not promised to all. Most of my classmates had never ventured out of their homes, alone and on foot. Usually, they were chaperoned and/or in cars or motorbikes. As a result, both my brother and I have found that we are braver than our contemporaries. Because we not only beat all the kids on the block when it came to crossing a street alone way but also in conducting monetary transactions unsupervised. It was a cool achievement to unlock at age twelve. Unsurprisingly we both now study in cities far away from our parents. Until I moved to Chicago, the impact of this kind of freedom was unknown…

They need to let men cry on screen, Noah Baumbach was so close

No really they do. In the wake of sexual harrasement allegations coming to light there is a big muddle of issues that many people, pyschologists, therapist and educators included, need to unravel.  Noah Baumbach's While We're Young that came out five years ago, to me reached the pinnacle of cinema when it shows Ben Stiller or Josh (in the film) who is brought to tears when his younger friend disappoints him at a big event that is paying tribute to Josh's father-in-law, who is another filmmaker. Its a tense moment, emotions are running high and no women are involved (that's a bone I will pick later in this post) in the drama, its just the men trying to talk things out. Its a moment of realization and Josh is hurt, really hurt that not only did his friend disappoint and use him but his wife won't take his side in the argument. All of this is hard for Josh, a struggling documentary filmmaker whose career is at a standstill. As Josh begins to tear up , his father-in-l…

Chicago Dispatch: There is a Jewel Osco in my neighbourhood that's open 24 hours

There is a Jewel Osco in my neighbourhood that's open 24 hours. Its wonderful because one day after watching a movie that ended at 12:30, I realised I could buy groceries that night instead of waiting for the next evening which is when I had scheduled my trip. Since I had my list on my phone and the store was open, what the heck? So Jewel Osco is the Publix of the Midwest, Meijer of Chicago, uh Metro/Big Bazaar of the USA. Except its 24 hours. Did I already mention that? 24 HOUR GROCERY STORE.

But for this post and the relevant incident I am about to discuss I didn't buy the ingredients last night. I bought them on a Sunday evening, the hour when supermarkets are most crowded because EVERYONE remembers they have to buy groceries and this is the one evening they can do it at peace. So I joined this mad crowd of people too, patiently and politely "excuse me-ing" my way through supermarket family reunions, past baby strolling moms and frozen pizza hoarding bros. My list …

Travelogue: Maldives (part 6)

How to judge a movie by its trailer? #3

The title

Pretty straight forward. A possibly romantic story or of a strong friendship that is mixed race? 
Piqued my interest nonetheless. 


Money Penny from James Bond is Queen, like d-uh! She is prime for such elegant, women in power kind of roles it seems like. Also the kind that are a bit quirky like your grandmother. 

Ali Fazal from Bobby Jasoos? According to IMDB he is in a bunch of off-beat movies I haven't watched but I definitely recognize his face. I also love how he is gently breaking into Hollywood. He also made an appearence in Fast Seven as a wealthy Arab.