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Self-help Movie List

Remember when I did that post about taking care of yourself when you are sad and drained? (click on image to read if you don't)

Here is an add-on to that. I pulled myself out of the sad cycle and got to the point where I realized "happiness" is this thing you have to work towards on a daily basis. Apparently its not a default setting you come with. It can float away like clouds on a sunny day. Or stop like a down pour.

Usually I read books, a lot of books and that's how I cope with the chaos that real life happens to be. But off-late I've been working through a movie and tv show list. Its nice to have things play in the background while cooking, great conversation continuer, a renewable google resource, helps when you can't go to bed and even keeps you entertained. Most importantly it sometimes gives me perspective on things I have been overthinking and over processing. In a movie I watch the problem be resolved, the sad cycle come to end or someone actually…

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