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Taking the Sunday Off


In the month leading up to my A level exams, I had several months of vacation to study, revise and mentally prepare myself to write them. It was a lot of free, unregulated hours that I had to spend training myself to stay focused. To make a timetable, revision notes, strategies and manage myself in order to perform well on the exam.

It was, back then, one of the hardest things to do. Of course, a few months later this changed because then it was my exams which we were the hardest thing I had to do. During this, between writing the exams and preparing for them, I started a sister blog. It still exist on the blog-sphere but I don't post there as often. On that blog I documented my struggles and successes, sometimes I even used it to keep me accountable. I would think of a post related to the subject I was studying and it forced me to research the topic. By the end of it the blog helped me stay accountable and I considered the posts as a form of studying. Being productive i…

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