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To do list: 

1. Draft paper
2. Emails and calendar organization 
3. Copy-edit and schedule dates to send to print issue one and two 
4. Gather bios and last minute info
5. OHMYGOD I have to edit an audio clip (UGH)

Done list: 

6. Give thesis presentation
7. Graduate
8. Parteaaaaa like there are no more degrees in the world left to collect. 

It has happened. I have graduated but I have not turned in my thesis or final art history paper. It sux. So bad. I hate that. I am working on my paper right now and this is my warm up writing exercise. The plan is to send the paper in four hours from now. And I am going to use this post to map out the structure for my paper. 

Q: Abstract a.k.a why do I care about this topic enough to make a paper out of it?

Answer: I enjoy walking alone but have to face a lot of challenges and overcome a lot of fear to be able to do that. Not only because walking alone can sound like a tragic thing instead of a positive one but there is something extra tragic ab…

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