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Art for Art's Sake: PK

*spoiler alert* 
So I never EVER thrash books, movies, music and other forms of art for one simple reason- its art for art’s sake, which means it has been created out of a desire to express a view or feeling; as a result making it a subjective topic to judge.
This PK was a completely different story.
To begin with the plot stitched together completely random story ideas that ranged from romance to sci-fi to religion to corruption (I swear!), and used terrible humor, totally unnecessary innuendos to glue it all together.
A mysterious trailer, which if you look no-so-closely reveals the non existence of a real plot combined with a pretty stellar cast of Aamir Khan, Boman Irani and Anushka Sharma. So what went wrong?
A few minutes into the movie I wanted to sink into my seat or run out because I was cringing with every horrible attempt at humour made or every time they let the camera collect way to many details in order to dramati…