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A smell you can't forget: Blue Jasmine

An adaptation of Tennesse Williams’ Street Car Named Desire comes unsurprisingly from none other than Woody Allen.
Jasmine French or Jeanette “whatever she calls herself” (in words of Oggy, Jasmine’s sister’s ex-husband) is symbolic of the many questions the world often finds itself asking. Is marriage meant to be a social climb as well, as a way to ensure security for a woman? Especially if this woman falls oh-so-madly in love that she drops out of college, not like she knew what she wanted to become anyway. Being a wife made sense. Drawn from William’s play, the story of a Southern conservative belle who lands up in a working class side of town comes a story on social class and finding one’s place in the world. However, the film covers more than just that.
The choice of theme is extremely relevant to both modern woman and man, who must take notice. It not only addresses the silent strains in relationships but also speaks of stereotyping, prejudice, class divisions, self-discovery to …