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Q& A: Why you don't need to be told that Domestic Violence is Un-cool?

Q. This is a response to an article published in The Ladies' Finger titled 'It is Cool For a Film to Show Us Domestic Violence Without Also Telling Us That it's Bad?'
A. This is a difficult question to answer if you identify with a political view, say for instance chauvinism, patriarchy, and conservative or let’s say socialism. (I am really resisting from putting one very obvious ism in there!). However if you don’t, then it is simple, of course not! Just like cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption, sex, drug intake, violence and so on, the list of bad things in films is endless and is not cool! (Du-h) Over time it appears, we have become more comfortable with watching all of the above in films in increasing doses. From glimpse of just closed doors to naked feet and hands and finally the entire act, with sounds et al, we have come a very long way. Of course, now the trouble here is that all of a sudden domestic violence, somehow, just sticks out like a sore thumb in t…