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Travelogue: Fangirling in Ooty, Padmesh travels and other such things

In the first post about my adventures in the Maldives I was singing praises about solo travel and not so much group, I was mistaken. I did my first (not counting school) group trip and it was AMAZING. The nine of us barely knew each other, we just had one person in the group connecting us- the plan maker. We had unexpected synchronization and managed to eat, stay and not so much pray together, so you see almost family?

We were headed to the second day of a very promising sounding music festival- Monkey Town- chakra healing, meditation, arts and a small but fascinating line up of artists in the hills. Despite the weather apps predicting rain we soldiered on, arriving at not quite the centre of Ooty; we decided to trek to the venue since we hadn't really planned things like transport in the spirit of being spontaneous. What we thought at first was mid-way, we hitched rides from a kind gentleman with an empty car and a minivan to the venue; we were sorely mistaken, it would hav…

Ola cab: To share or not share?

Mid-December, 2015, on the way back from the airport one time in Delhi, a very hassled Ola cab driver was explaining to us how henceforth we will both have to pay to ride the same cab. Of course my uncle and I just looked at each other, rolled our eyes, and decided to humor him. 

"Why would we do that? I mean we could have taken the bus and paid so much lesser if that was the case!" Confused he responded "because Ola will make you. It's a new thing they are bringing in, saab", we were still not convinced because that would be stupid, but he had gone ahead and vented all his frustration at having to maintain the cab himself and how underpaid he was and how this Ola deal was just not working out for him. He continued to tell us about the agitation and the strikes cab drivers had gone on for pay rises; I think it was being reported back then in the local daily. 

Months later, when I was back in Bangalore, I met a friend who raved about what fun it was to take the Ol…

Investigating Dr Watson

Who: Dr Watson  (a fictional character created by Sir Author Conan Doyle) 
Profession: "I am an experienced medical doctor recently returned from Afghanistan." -According to his blog
Additionally he also plays narrator in most of the books and adaptation and of course Sherlock's trusted adviser and ONLY actual friend. 
Place of residence: 221 Baker's Street, London
Age: 62  (He is like two years older than Sherlock, explains why he is the more mature one!)   sources give Watson's birth date as 7 August, 1852
Character "The character of Watson, as written by Conan Doyle, is modest and intelligent. He is a patient and sensitive observer, but his detecting capabilities are no match for the lightning-swift deductive reasoning of Holmes" - according to Britannica
Some adaptation portray him as an incompetent fool and some more sympathetic and happy to just assist Sherlock. However without doubt Watson is ALWAYS Holmes' back up, which makes you wonder how smart is Watson…