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A look at South Korean cult classics by Park Chan-Wook

Two things I absolutely avoid in films are excessive sexual content and gore. I managed to control both my refluxes and reflexes for Park Chan-wook. Here is why: women protagonists, an A+ on the Bechdel test and a thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat.
The cost: a ton of explicit language, intricate sex scenes and an abundance of gore.
After a string of dark and morbid themed plots comes a refreshing turn in his career (given his history male centered films), ‘The Handmaiden’ that released October of this year. Adapted from Sarah Water’s novel, ‘Fingersmith’, Chan-wook’s recent film explores themes like revenge, forbidden love, eroticism and guilt. Set in South Korea under Japanese colonial rule, The Handmaiden is a story of two women and one man narrating a darker than Shakespeare’s comedy of errors. Count Fujiwara- a con man pretending to be a count to seduce Lady Hideko, Soo-khee- a pickpocket posing as a handmaiden to Lady Hideko, with whom she falls in love and Lady Hid…