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Trainspotting goes off Netflix in two days. Should you watch it?

So Netflix does its routine deal of removing and adding shows in order to well create space and honor contracts of course. So one of the movies leaving Netflix, amongmany others, on 1 Feb, 2017 will be Trainspotting and I wondered if I should watch it. 
I stumbled upon the link a couple of days ago and thought to myself maybe I should get around to watching it. I decided to go for it and here are some of my reasons: one being that a long time ago, perhaps it still is, but Trainspotting, the book by Irvine Welsh, was on a reading list in high school. At that time, I chose Captain Corelli's Mandolin and the Great Gatsby over it. Literature over language the choice was during my A levels. So missed opportunity then. Second being I tried to watch the movie but the content was a bit too explicit for me at that time. So I switched it off.  Is it still too much for my brain? Have I not seen worse, more horrifying and revolting things? I probably have. My definitions have changed a lot sin…