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The time I went Apple Picking in Detroit

A year ago, before I moved to the United States when someone said Fall/Autumn I always pictured people flying off, trying to hold onto umbrellas, their winter hoods and belongings as leaves swiveled around them. This picture stemmed from the illustrated textbook I used to teach children the seasons of the year in Spanish- vientoso, chaqueta, parguay- all the different words we used to describe a season. OtoƱo- a season that we don’t really have in India, I chuckle as I try to explain it to them using the textbook visuals. Puzzled but accepting of this new piece of information, they would nod in agreement.
One of my earliest memories of Chicago was walking to the train station and I remember stopping to look up at the trees full of red, orange, yellow and brown leaves. I also remember taking millions of pictures every time I stopped, my phone gallery is proof of my fascination. 
I’ve been told its pumpkin season- synonymous and in sync with the season’s colors. ‘Ka-doo!’ I remember echo…