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Facebook Google bad for brain?

People are accusing the internet of slowing brain processes and reason for low grades.!..Today's article in the Times of India has published claims that experiments have been conducted and apparently student grades have been lowered by 20% who use facebook!..blasphemy!..Also "Nicholas Carr the author of "the Shallows: What the Internet is doing to our brains" claimed that the web is depriving our mental faculties of the regular workout they need." On his blog he argues that to improve concentration search engines like Google should be made more difficult to use.!.Which is the exact opposite of what we all want?isn't it?
My argument would be despite having information clicks away, we still have to process the information and put it together to suit or need even if we copy-paste a project!..It still requires out brain to process it.Besides e need to key in the right words to connect to the appropriate links..have you ever noticed how it takes a while despite …

New Blogger

Hello bloggers,
Am new to the whole blogging not very sure what to write..but i guess its like a vent your thoughts place..which can be interesting and calming!..hehe..well random things you'll could post as replies to this post..i am looking for Spanish meet up groups in Bangalore city, tips and references for AS level history, and literature..i love books! i am open to suggestions for titles..i read a lot of Crime Fiction and occasionally a soppy romantic book/chic flic..!..movies are fun too..but been very "stressed" off late to sit and watch movie..
mmm...i can't think of what else to type..
Blog on..
Would love to see what you all post...