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Hello bloggers,
Am new to the whole blogging not very sure what to write..but i guess its like a vent your thoughts place..which can be interesting and calming!..hehe..well random things you'll could post as replies to this post..i am looking for Spanish meet up groups in Bangalore city, tips and references for AS level history, and literature..i love books! i am open to suggestions for titles..i read a lot of Crime Fiction and occasionally a soppy romantic book/chic flic..!..movies are fun too..but been very "stressed" off late to sit and watch movie..
mmm...i can't think of what else to type..
Blog on..
Would love to see what you all post...


  1. i think its awesome that you're blogging because you usually have some pretty interesting things to say!! and spanish meet, sounds interesting!! what do you do at one?

  2. i think a bunch of usually Spaniards or people with a Spanish background get together and converse in Spanish of course and get to know each other or catch up!.


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