2010 Debut Author Challenge hosted by The Story Siren.com

I recently browsed communities and groups for books and book-lovers and i discovered this site called Story Siren and it is hosting a reading challenge. The Challenge is that you target a certain number of books (minimum 12 i think) written by Debut-Authors of 2010. Its interesting..you can register on their website (link attached below). The website has a list of suggestions of books you could possible read. The books part of the challenge are all under the genre of Young Adults and Middle Ages. I found some of the books very interesting, i expect you will too! :D
I still haven't figures how they keep tabs on what and how much you read..it did mention something about posting reviews..i posted a blog requesting details..still waiting..if you find out before me please do let me know..

so do go register..
Hope you enjoy the Challenge..

Oh and i have to type in a list of the books i am targeting and i will keep updating it...

1. A Blue so Dark by Holly Schindler
2. Tell me a Secret by Holly Culpala
3. ....



  1. hey great that u r blogging manu. Just one suggestion might be good if ur background pic is even fainter than it is at the moment. legibility will be better :)

    great that u r reading so much..... do something get shivs to reaaad.....


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