Benjamin Zephaniah

Benjamin Zephaniah a.k.a Dr Benjamin Obadiah Iqbal Zephaniah is a poet, novelist, playwright and also a musician.He is a British Jamaican Rastafarian (is a religious movement that arose in the Christian culture of Jamaica) He was born on April 15,1958, and raised in Birmingham, England. He is a well-know figure in contemporary literature.Zephaniah actively works with Human Rights, Animal Rights and political organisations.
He writes for Young Adults, his poetry is strongly influenced by Jamaican music and poetry; his novels are about the lives of teenagers and themes such as guns, bullying, war and racism and how it affects teens.
He has been awarded with several honor degrees and he was awarded the BBC Young Playwright's award.He also got an award for his music. His book "Face" (which i am currently reading) had been Shortlisted for the Children's Book Award and the NASEN Award.


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