Face by Benjamin Zephaniah



 "You have to talk to me and not
  The skin that holds me in,
  I took the wisdom that i got
  To make sure that I win;
 I'm counting weaker folk than me
 Who look but truly cannot see.
                             - Faceless by Benjamin Zephaniah

"Everything is going Martin's way. The holidays have started, he's got a gorgeous new girlfriend and everyone agrees he's the coolest dancer around. With a face like his,he can get away with anything..."

The book is set in east London, Newham and the theme  is "gangsta"! The story is about Martin who meets with and accident and the consequences change him. The story is about how he deals with the consequences and learns to accept the changes.
It has a very simple plot but well-written.Zephaniah uses very simple language and some colloquil "gansta" terminology. They story includes descriptions of characters, the place (setting) and the little bit of the culture briefly keeping it simple. I felt it was an okay book, readable, the concept of the story was an interesting one but i felt the writing was very plain and the storyline somewhat predictable.The events in the book were very mundane and seemed dull to me. But it was a good read. I appreciate the concept of his novel.


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