The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks


Seventeen year old Ronnie is the typical confused and rebel teen. The story describes her summer with her Dad during which she discovers a lot of secrets which she had previously been oblivious too. These new secrets carry consequences and experiences which change her rebellious persona into a more accepting one with every new experience.
Things are not so easy after her parents divorced, especially since she has to spend an entire summer with him. She is furious at him and resents him from the bottom of her heart. But as the summer unfolds her Dad doesn't seem as awful once she judges that for herself. She finds summer love in a beach volley-baller...
And suddenly the Summer isn't enough time for Ronnie and her Dad....
The book reflects relationships and lot of tragedy typical of Nicholas Sparks' writing. It looks at truth, trust, honesty among many other thing, most importantly forgiveness.
A beautiful book.!

There is a movie made of this book too starring Miley Cyrus.


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