Up on Cloud Nine by Anne Fine


The story is about Stolly and his bizzare yet humorous antics told by Ian, his best friend. Stolly had well-off parents who are quite busy to spend time with him, his barrister Dad at court figuring out cases and his model Mum whose on frequent photo shoots. And so Stolly spends almost all  of his time at his neighbor- Ian's house; Ian's parents love him to bits and treat him just like their own son. The story is from Ian's point of view- Ian's is writing an autobiography on Stolly in which he describes episodes of Stolly's and sometimes Ian's live together, in a hospital while Stolly recovers from his injuries after falling out of a window.
 An adorable book and a witty book. Anne Fine's writing is amazing. I really like the ways she writes and I really love Stolly and his imagination.The book has a very simple story line but a good read, the humour keeps you turning pages.


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