10 Things i Hate About You

Last night, i went to my cousins place to watch a movie because all the gizmos in the house were occupied.
My cousin and I watched 10 Things i Hate About You!Its really old movie which was releases 11 years ago and i've seen it several times. It never gets old to me, i LOVE the movie, its one of my favorite movies, and i am a big fan of Heath Ledger.I borrowed the movie from a friend of mine (who i had gifted the movie too!).


For those who haven't watch it..

"Cameron, a new kid in school is smitten by Bianca who isn't allowed to date until her older sister Kat does. Not such a big deal is it? except Kat is not the most social person in school, in fact she is a surly being who despises the people of her school and is the last person anyone would want to date. So Cameron with the help of William and Joey get Patrick Verona, the male equivalent of Kat, to date Kat so that Bianca can go out.."

IDMB describes the plot as a "remake of Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew in a modern day high school!"

A super cute love-story which is hilarious. The movie is set in the 90's so you get a glimpse of teen-school life back then.


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