Artemis Fowl and the Eternity Code by Eoin Colfer


I haven't read a book from a series in a long time, because i am too lazy to hunt down the entire series *sheepish grin*. And by the time i find the book (that too if i do), i would have forgotten the details from the last one i had read. But since it turned up in my reading pile...
Its was nice, refreshing after reading complicated crime plots. This one was predictable up until Colfer introduced a twist. 
Artemis Fowl in his 3rd book is back with another one of his criminal ideas of making money, except it goes wrong. Artemis has developed a device namely a C cube- which is designed with a combination of fairy and human technology-a powerful supercomputer. He can't afford to let it slip into the wrong hands,so what happens when in does. Into Jon Spiro- a rich,powerful megalomaniac's hands.
Now another worry is that the C cube can also access devices from the world under-the fairy civilization, and giving the C cube to a man who is not aware of them,unlike Artemis, can be a potential threat to the fairy civilization.Hence recovery of the cube is vital.And a lot of other complication come in parallel and some in-line with the plot.
So once again agent Holly Short and Artemis Fowl come together along with some help from Foaly (a gadget pro from the fairy world) to save the (fairy) world along with Mulch Diggums-an escaped convict from the world under and Juliet Butler (Butler's sister,a body guard in-training) and of course Butler...
It was a nice book- a middle grade read. I wasn't too enthusiastic on working through the series but the end left me wondering and so i probably am going to have to hunt down the next in the series- Artemis Fowl and the Opal Deception...*groan*


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