Blogging-an addiction!

I have recently started blogging after i visited a website called the Story Siren..
and its highly addictive! Ever since i made my blog, everytime i see a vacant computer with internet connection i tap away and sign-in to my blog. Its like i have been sucked into this enchanting world of blogging. It beautiful and ginormous..its like an endless aisle of books..
You click on one blog and you jump from one page to another, one blog to another, one event to another and then i immediately rush to my blog when i get inspiration and start making changes and add details! And then process begins again...

I have my mid-terms going on and i am blogging my fingers off! Its insane..i get a gnawing feeling inside of my head telling me to get of in the next 5 mins..then 10..15..20..30..40..and so on..i end up sitting for hours together. It just pulls me right in and i am so dazzled by all the blogs and the things you can do on one and the information you can access is marvelous!
My eyes actually widen and my jaw drops everytime i discover a new blogging feat or treasure trove of book reviews..
Its a beautiful experience which i shall never give up..but alas! i must control it before my brain cells begin to disintegrate and i become lazier than i already i am (which is a level i don't want to describe to save myself the embarrassment..hehe..)
I have now signed up so many blog pages and internet communities its insane..i feel a strange sensation of pride in having an address on the cyber world. Its like being identifiable on the www...
As demented as it sounds it true...i bet you (if your a blogger particularly) secretly or maybe not-so-secretly agree and sympathize with me!

Kiwi/ Moondust/ manu.bookworm...(my online aliases)



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