Booking Through Thursdays

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Booking Through Thursday is like a meme, except it has like its own blog page just for BTT updates.
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This week's question  is ..

Which book changed you life?

That a tough one!  I can't name one particular book. As i grew up and am still growing up, various books affect and teach me different things differently. And depending on my age, situation and context of the book etc, its influence varies. Also the changes are gradual i have never had an immediate change when i finish an eye-opening or thought-provoking book. As i contemplate what i have learnt and put it together,then slowly it begins to influence me. 
Hmm..but i could name a few (out of the many that have) influence me...Paulo Colheo's Alchemist & Veronica decides to die..These are off the top of my head so i could come up with only two..but there have been many..What about you?


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