The Color Purple by Alice Walker

                                                The Color Purple

"Set in deep American South between wars, it is the tale of Celie, a young black girl born into poverty and segregation...."
The Color Purple is a the story of Celie and her some of it is about her sister Nettie too. Celie and Nettie live with a man they call "Pa" who frequently abuses Celie and later marries her off to a Mr_____.Nettie escapes this and becomes a missionary. The entire book is written in letters to God, Celia and Nettie. These letters describe the lives of people around Nettie and Celie and how they are getting on with the lives in a world discriminating them on the basis of color.A few other characters such as Shug Avery and Sofia are central to the story too. Their lives are told about too..
Shug in the book is singer who Celie and Mr_____ absolutely love. Sofia is the wife of Harpo,the son of Mr____. The book is long, its a description of an entire phase of people's lives.
The book is harsh especially the beginning which is slightly troubling. And its written in a colloquial language.It was an interesting read, am not sure if i liked it or disliked it. You can't quite use the word plot to refer to the book. A story is what seems fitting to it. The story is mostly told by Celie and throughout the book i felt like i was immersed in Celie's world, though they were times i wished i wasn't. The book is harsh, but the end is conclusive, despite repeated abuse, nobody takes revenge on anyone. Everyone lives through it and learns from them. Celie learns an incredible amount of things from her experiences and even though she went to harsh time, she eventually makes peace with herself.Even the other characters, secondary to the novels also make peace with their lives.
When i read the book, i felt as though i'm passively observing the troubled lives of the characters. I would recommend you to read and would love to hear what you make of it. I usually treat reading as learning experience but this book was not one. I don't regret reading it though, its a book that gave me insight and told me a story i will not easily forget.


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