Cover Crazy

Cover Crazy is a brand new weekly meme hosted by The Book Worms on Mondays. The idea is to showcase favorite book covers that draw your attention....
This week i am crazy about...

Fall for Anything
the cover of Fall for anything by Courtney Summers...i was browsing through Goodreads and i found this book. 
The cover has been on my mind since..
Firstly the girl on the cover is very pretty,even though i can't see her entire face, from what i see she looks gorgeous. Her hair is beautiful and so are her facial feature. I also absolutely love the color used on the cover, they go really well with the plot of the story, which has a lot to do with photography.
And from the pose of the model on the cover, she seems guilty or defeated to me. Haven't read the book, so i don't if she does feel guilty or defeated in the book. 
The whole picture put together is beautiful. It instantly caught my attention and has had it for a while now...
I do intend to because the synopsis sounds interesting and also because i love the cover!!


  1. This is a great cover. It really has so much going on. The lighting is luminescent, almost golden in tones. I think its supposed to be taken in a "dark room". The wet photographs are drying clipped to a rope in the background. I agree, the girl looks either guilty or saddened by the position of her lowered head. But, it could also be that she is focused on something below, like the photograph she is currently developing. As photographs are dipped into the chemicals which help develop them, slowly a blank paper is turned into a decipherable image. Here, there is mystery, the girl may be trying to use the photos to help solve it. I haven't read this book either, but its on my TBR list. It looks awesome, but sad.

  2. i was thinking the same..but her position most definitely makes someone who spots the book curious!


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