Evanna Lynch


Evanna Lynch a.k.a Luna Lovegood had grabbed my attention and i am in love with her! She is so pretty and so Luna!
I googled her and now i have a million pictures of her and am debating on whether i should dedicate a blog to her and internet stalk her! hehe..
She is an Irish, born in the August of 1991 on the 16th. She had previously acted in two school plays before starring in Harry Potter.On the 23rd of Jan 2006 she was chosen to be cast over 15,000 other girls, which is amazing.!She was picked for her Luna-ness. And i really like her for that. I was so drawn to her when she came on screen for the first time.
She starred in the movie Order of the Phoenix at the age of 14, and has been hopping around Hollywood promoting Harry Potter since. 
She is the daughter of Marguerite and Donal Lynch among her siblings- Emily,Mairead and Patrick. She was born in Termofeckin-a townland of County Louth.

 She did her primary education in Cartown National School and is currently attending Our Lady's College in Greenhills-an all girls Catholic school in Drogheda, Ireland. She also annually attends a summer camp-Centre for the Talented Youth of Ireland (CYTI), which was set-up for the gifted students of Ireland.
Evanna was and is a HUGE Harry Potter fan pre and post her casting in the film. A random fact about her, she has a cat named Luna and Luna's litter has been named after characters in the HP series.As a child she wrote to J.K Rowling regularly about the series and got replies from the author too! ( I should try that with my favorite authors too!)
A random fact about her- She had 5 piercings- 2 in each ear and 1 in her nose which she frequently adorns with her own home-made jewelery. She also had a tattoo of Michael Jacksons, whom is she is apparently a fan of too!

Here are some 2 sites of Evanna Lynch which i got my information from...



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