Heath Ledger


Who is he: Heath Ledger was an Australian film and television actor.
Born on: 4th April              Died on: 22nd January 2008
he was born in Perth, Western Australia
Random fact: He is the son of Sally Ledger (a French teacher) and Kim Ledger (racing car driver and a mining engineer. He was an avid chess player, he won the Western Australia's junior chess Championship at the age of 10.
 Ledger died at 28 of prescribed drug overdose..:(
http://articles.cnn.com/2008-02-06/entertainment/heath.ledger_1_accidental-overdose-anti-anxiety-prescription-drugs?_s=PM:SHOWBIZ ]

He left school in the 90's after writing an early graduation to pursue his acting career. He did his first act in 1992 (Clowning Around). From then begun in his acting career....

Starred in :

Ship to Shore
Home and Away

Clowning Around
Two Hands
10 Things i Hate about You
The Patriot
The Monster Ball
A Knight's Tale
The Four Feather
The Order
Ned Kelly
The Brother's Grimm
Lords of Dogtown
Brokeback Mountain
I am not There
The Dark Knight
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnasuss

He has directed Music Videos too.!..

"Cause and Effect" & "Seduction is Evil (She's Hot)" songs by N'fa
"Morning Yearning" song by Ben Harper
"Black Eyed Dog" written by Nick Drake
"King Rat" song by Modest Mouse

I absolutely love him in Dark Knight!!


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