Mary Mary by James Patterson


"Somebody's murdering Hollywood's A-list.Her calling card: "You've got mail". On a family vacation, FBI Agent Alex Cross is asked to investigate the shooting of a top actress...and email sent to Los Angeles Times with shocking details about the murders,signed Mary Smith. More killings and emails follow every time, signed Mary Smith. More killings and emails follow, Mary Smith is getting even  better every time. To hunt down this merciless killer of Tinseltown's elite, Cross must navigate a world where the stars sip San Pellegrino at the Ivy as hopefuls hover around studio gates with the 8x 10 glossies...."

There was more in the back cover of the book, this seemed sufficient synopsis. As told above the plot is about a series of killings by a person who goes by the name Mary Smith and sends an email describing the murder, post the killing to an L.A Times reporter- Arnold Griner. After reading the back pages of  the book, i realised its like a series, the main character-Alex Cross is a detective who features in all the books. Parallel to the plot, even his family life is described in the book. 
The book started off interesting and the killings also were creepy but i was disappointed with the way it ended. It seemed like Patterson was trying to double-twist the plot, which he did but not too well. I thought the book was an okay one. (which reminds me, i should work out a rating system!). I would give it a 2 on scale of 1 to 5.It was long, or at-least it seemed long, but i finished it because i was curious. 
He included excessive amounts of details in my opinion and had so many characters on board. It got quite cumbersome to me, so i just payed attention to the really important seeming ones *goofy grin*
Overall a good plot, but i wish it ended differently,and the characters were alright. So i would say it was a mediocre read..


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