Nicholas Sparks Reading Challenge 2011

A challenge hosted by The book Vixen while i was browsing through Bursting Bookshelf's caught my interest so i decided to participate in it too!
     First Date – Read 1–4 Nicholas Sparks novels
     Going Steady – Read 5–8 Nicholas Sparks novels
     Engaged – Read 9–12 Nicholas Sparks novels
     Married – Read 13–16 Nicholas Sparks novels 

Nicholas Sparks Reading ChallengeI am not an avid Nicholas Sparks reader but once in while i love a nice soppy-tear-wrenching book and that when i pick up a Nicholas Sparks..and so i shall start at the most basic level and go on my...

First Date – Read 1–4 Nicholas Sparks novels 

 I shall make my list as i read them..

You can click on the button i have posted on my blog to get onto the challenge page an join the challenge...non-bloggers can participate too..!


  1. Very cool! I'm doing this challenge too!!

  2. Awesome post, I am in this challenge too! I love Nicholas Sparks.


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