No Place Like Home by Mary Higgins Clark


10 year old Liza Barton shot her mother, trying to protect her from her nasty step-father- Ted Cartwright. The Juvenile Court ruled the death as an accident and put her into juvy until adoption.
20 years later her husband Alex Nolan surprises her with a house on Mendham, New Jersey-the same house in which Liza killed her mother as a child. 
Now  28, she has changed her name to Celia Nolan and buried her past and moved on to become an interior designer, with a 5 year old son Jack. Until things start to go awfully wrong and slowly Liza Barton's secret begins to unravel as she fights to prove her innocence. As a string of people start to get shot, Mendham starts to investigate and inevitably boil down to Liza Barton and then Celia Nolan's secret is not so much of secret anymore.
It was a slightly long book but i liked it. Mary Higgins Clark is my all time favorite crime-fiction writer. As my friend says her writing "is simple and easy to understand". The end was an unexpected one,which is what makes a suspense writer good, but somehow it came out too abrupt. 
Three-four people are simultaneously unraveling her story and so as you start gathering your own details you start to predict the end but what kept me reading was how Liza Barton a.k.a Celia Nolan confronts her past and how she deals with it. And then Clark drops it at you when your getting to the end and wraps the book up too quickly. So it makes the end sudden, but its worth a read.


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