Vicky Cristina Barcelona


"The plot centers on the two American women, Vicky and Cristina, spending
 a summer in Barcelona, where they meet an artist who is attracted 
to both of them while still enamored of his mentally and emotionally 
unstable ex-wife María Elena."

Directed and Written by Woody Allen
Starring: Rebbeca Hall, Sacrlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem
Rating: *****

I watched the movie two nights ago and thoughts of blogging about have been haunting me!I missed the first half-hour but  I really loved the rest of the movie that i saw, it was a thought-provoker. Woody Allen looks at 4 different kinds of (sort of) inter-linked relationships and gives us a glimpse of their working and towards the ending of the movie their progress/endings.The relationships are different and unique in their own way.They strike you as peculiar and troubling at first. But eventually it makes you open up and actually consider the relationships and how liberal and honest they are. Love is not an easy thing an neither does it seem to be explainable or understandable..i think that would remain between the people sharing the relationship!
My most favorite actor in the movie is Penelope Cruz! She is soo gorgeous!


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