Another Give-away...

Onceuponaquote is hosting her first international giveaway since she hit 50 follower.
*woot* cheers!:D
She is giving away two books, the first winner gets to choose which one and the second takes the other book.

Click on the picture below to get onto her blog and sign-up for it!


  1. Thank you so much for your post !! Have you entered ? Because I don't think I remember your comment =) Thanks again !!!! You're great ;)

  2. I just commented!
    But i just realized i don't think i am eligible because Book Depository doesn't include India!:(

  3. I have no problem to send it to you with another seller but I don't know if there's one who'd ship to India =)
    Thanks again though !! I'm going to take a look at the other sellers ;)

  4. :D!!!!Though I think Amazon does..

  5. Okay !! I'll send it to you with Amazon if you win then ;) Thanks again !!

  6. No problem!Happy Reading!
    Thanks again for hosting and taking the trouble to find a seller to India!:D


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