Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

On the way back from a party 4 drunk girl swerve off the road and die...
Samantha Kingston, one among these 4 girls wakes up to this same day 7 times. It confuses her at first and later frustrates. She re-lives the same day over and over again,each time discovering events parallel to the ones that happen at first, until she figures out why this is happening and how she could possible stop it and maybe, just maybe save herself from dying....
It was a slightly absurd concept, it wasn't exactly one plot with a proper end. Just the same story with different details and possibilities 7 times.I read several book reviews before actually buying the book, and i liked what i read! And so i bought the book and finished it in 2 days. The descriptions were so vivid, i could almost feel every situation described like it was real, especially the tension. 
I had a knot in my stomach as i raced through the book, and when i couldn't i would be in a tense state wondering what could possible happen in the book.
I know the message was more or less about living each day to the fullest type of thing, but that didn't quite sink into me after reading.
Things i liked about the book..
- Samantha doesn't behave daft about the fact that she's re-living the same day twice, she takes action quick and just because it 7 times,doesn't take forever to figure out what to do.This i like about the story a lot. If it had been otherwise would have annoyed me!
-I could frequently relate to Sam, and was very envious of Ally, Elody, Lindsay and Samantha (the 4)'s friendship! 
-The book made me feel very proud of being a girl and about being a teenager. It made me swell up in pride.I really love the girlish behavior and the descriptions of the boys, the crazy things teens do in high school, their humor, just everything about them!
-the book was from the point of view of the "popular girls" in school and not "the looser-to-popular" types, which is quite a common and often annoying theme.
Though i wasn't very satisfied with the ending, but i am guessing that was Lauren Oliver's intention.
Really good read! For those who haven't read it yet, you totally must!


  1. This book is on it's way to my house !! I can't wait to receive it !! =) Thanks for your review ;)
    Elodie from !

  2. I look forward to reading your review and to see what you think of it..!!:D


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