Everything You Wanted To Know About - LANI WOODLAND!!!! (Author of Intrinsical)

Halinor -   Us fans see our Lani Woodland, as a cheerful and generous person...We know that that is one of your facets, but tell us... Is there something that we should know about the real Lani Woodland...the one who's discreet with fans??? Or do you believe the proverb...(No I did not make this up :D) "If you've got it flaunt it??" Of course in this context it refers to character, and not hiding anything from fans...

Lani - The real Lani Woodland is a dork. I loved Star Trek the Next Generation, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Big Bang Theory and The X-Files. I’ve never been to a convention but I think it would be fun to attend one. I’m also a huge fangirl! I have a lot of enthusiasm when I meet my favorite authors. I try to reel it in but I don’t succeed very often.

 Can you tell us the most embarrassing situation you've ever been involved in?

Lani - When I was in college I took a lot of child development classes. In them we were taught it’s important to teach children the correct name for their body parts. So when my four year old asked me I told her their real names. Also important to know before we move forward here is that my daughter had a scary delivery. She was in the NICU (newborn ICU) for a month and she had to be bottle feed so they could make sure she was getting enough to eat. After that she refused to breastfeed.
            When my daughter was four we went to a taping of So You Think You Can Dance. She was cute (I admit I might be slightly biased) so they called her up on stage in between taping segments. The audience warm up guy, Cory Almeida, gave her a microphone that broadcast through the whole studio, even back stage so they could talk. She pointed us out and everyone waved at me and my husband. Anyway, she started to Cory tell a story that started. “When I was a baby…” I turned to my husband eyes wide and said, “None of her stories that start that way end well; they usually involve some embarrassing moment.” As soon as I said these words she finished her sentence, “I didn’t like to drink the milk that came out of my mama’s nipples.” The whole audience was a bit stunned. They all turned and looked at me and then burst out laughing. Cory was even brought to tears. After the show many people giggled to me, “We’re so sorry about your breastfeeding problems.” That was an embarrassing situation that stands out.

What is the most amusing thing a fan has said to you?

Lani - I left a comment on someone’s post and they replied back super excited saying, “You’re the Lani Woodland!” The fact that someone thought I deserved a ‘the’ before my name and thought I was anything even slightly special was weird. I have been lucky enough to get a few fan emails. I’m so happy every time I find out someone liked my book! I’ve loved them all!

 Halinor-   Do you believe in ghosts? Was Intrinsical based on an actual alleged haunted school?

Lani - I do believe in ghosts but not in the same way that they’re written in Intrinsical. One of my friends claims that both my parents’ house and my house are haunted. Intrinsical wasn’t based on an actual haunted school. It was inspired by a visit to the Queen Mary, an old Ocean Liner that’s beautiful and haunted!

 Halinor -       Can you tell us the scariest short ghost story you know?
Lani -     I’m not sure if it’s a ghost story or not but Bloody Mary freaked me out as a kid. When I was in fourth grade I went to my friend’s slumber party and we watched The Shining. It scared the crap out of me. What was the mom thinking letting us watch that? Anyway, after that my friends wanted to do the Blood Mary thing in the mirror. I’m not sure if it was the candle or The Shining still fresh in my head but it freaked me out!! I was quaking, afraid she was going to appear in the mirror and hurt us. I always had an overactive imagination. Even now I get chills thinking about it.

Halinor - Highlighted below are a few types of supernatural beings, we know your novel is based on ghosts...but are you most partial to them or any of these others?
1.               Vampires
2.              Angels
3.              Fairies
4.              Ghosts
5.              Werewolves
6.              Or other miscellaneous creatures...(Care to mention them please?) 

Lani - Obviously I love ghosts. I’m also partial to werewolves and angels. It’s been fun to read more about mermaids and sirens too. I just wrote a short story about a siren.

Halinor - And last but not least!! A mandatory question for all authors.... What would be your most implementable advice to an aspiring writer???
Lani - I say to read a lot! Figure out what it is about your favorite books that makes them so good.

So now you're all brimming with invigorating Lani Woodland Trivia, I hope this covered everything you ever were curious to know about the renowned author of the Intrinsical Trilogy... 
It sure left a few giggles stirring in my stomach... I hope the poignant, familiar Lani writing aides you in holding on to the last slivers of the first Intrinsical book and the author's pleasurable sense of humor, until the next book's out!!!! Can't Wait!!
Love and fist bumps forever as usual,
Halinor Cipriano.... :D


  1. Great interview! Lani Woodland sounds like a fun person and her book is sooooooo good!


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