Hey I'm Halinor, (Real name changed to avoid the shame of pronunciation attempts) and I'm Kiwi's Co-blogger and buddy!!! (Up-top!!!)

My name is Halinor Cipriano, (okay..not really, that name just originated from this insidious obsession in my head with the W.I.T.C.H Series, and a recently endowed passion for Patch Cipriano of Hush Hush fame of course... Fist bumps to all his other loyal lovers)so anyway... I am a compulsive, articulate and easily excitable reader... When I fall for a book, I fall hard (not that that wasn't plainly evident from the gargantuan explanation for my obsession with Patch) When I review a book I can promise you one thing, I read with devout and un-deterring concentration,  this is true... so much so that when my mother comes into dust the room she sees me stationary and pretends that I'm part of the furniture (this basically means that I'm immobile, and as solitary as a lion on the prowl when I'm reading, it also means that I'm cleaned regularly... bath or no bath!)


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