Just Take My Heart by Mary Higgins Clark


"When Natalie Raines, Broadway Star, is found dying from a gunshot wound, her former husband, Greg Aldrich,is the chief suspect.What no one knows is that only days before, Natalie came face to face with the man who had killed her former roommate,whom she's known when they were struggling actresses.
Handling the case is Emily Wallace, an attractive thirty-two-year-old assistant prosecutor. As Aldrich trial is making headlines, Emily is warned that this high-profile case will reveal deeply personal ,matters about her,including the fact that she had a heart transplant. During the trial, Emily experiences sentiments which defy all reason.In th meantime,she does not realise that her own life is at risk."

Another book by my all-time favorite author!This one i finished in three days. The beginning was long-the trial. Then once i got to the climax the book built into a stride and broke out into a run.It had a lot of characters and plot elements,which slowly unfolded into a full fledged story. I raced through the book (post-trial) and devoured how the various elements fell into place.She keeps slipping hints in the beginning of the book and towards the end, she begins to tie them up. So when you get to end, your blown by her story and then its just ends. Its a little abrupt, but i guess if she added more,it would have over-done the book.I throughly enjoyed the book! A good read indeed!


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