Montmorency by Eleanor Updale


I am reading the purple version (the second one) but i liked the cover on top so i included it!

The synopsis:
"Fleeing across a roof on a dark night in Victorian London, a thief crashes through a glass skylight. Nearly dead, he is patched together by the ambitious doctor, This new lease of life gives the thief the ambition if his own and upon on his release from prison he begins to lead a double life...gentleman by day and thief by night."

The cover grabbed my attention and so i picked it up. The story is a slow one with no emotion wrenching scenarios. The story isn't a plot as such,just a narration of the life of man who leads a double life. A simple story, but the end it a really nice one, all the events fall into place well and it has a wonderful ending.
The story is set between 1875 and 1880.The story is of a small time crook, who leads a transformed life after surviving a near-death experience. I enjoyed the book despite its simplicity!
A Good read.
here is the author's web page.Eleanor Updale
For those who liked the sound of this, there is more of Montmorency..


  1. It may be a simple tale, but it sounds very interesting. I've never heard of this author. Is she British?

  2. This sounds interesting. I like the bottom covers the best, kinda cool. I'm a little late in coming, but I finally made it from Follow Friday. Thanks for participating. XOXO Parajunkee


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