My Review for a not so known book, that I think requires more acclaim than it has actually got (which really isn't much... but you catch my drift right?) So here it is... PLAN B by Charnan Simon

There is a lot of philosophy that would be ideal to include in a book of Plan B's genre, but I think what's more imperative to mention is the sophisticated, expressive way in which the book has been dealt with. Although it is significantly small, it projects it's point in a way that most monotonous YA novels fail to imbibe in the reader. Plan B has a genuine voice, and a  heart warming lead pair that would make anyone reading this wish that they could be so responsible when they are en cooperated in the same situation. Therefore to conclude I would like to say that this mini-novella left me teary eyed, touched and wishing that all girls could have a chivalrous Luke in their lives too!
<3 Love and fist bumps forever...
Halinor Cipriano :D


  1. Haven't heard of this one yet. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Yah, I mentioned earlier that it was an incredulously under rated book... this is probably because it's small, and slightly predictable... but I like the humane, honest quality of the whole thing... It also had these too great leads and a motherly figure that reminded me of Christmas and Enid Blyton...!!!


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