*New Feature* Saturday Blog Hunt

It was an activity posted by Holiday Break Reading Challenge..I really liked the idea and looked forward to the repeat which i never found. Soo i decided to feature it as a weekly meme on my blog. It is sort of like stealing her idea, i confess..I hope she doesn't mind, maybe i'll write to her. But as of now i am crediting Karlin for her unique idea.
(P.S. Her Holiday Break Reading Challenge will return on Dec 16, 2011 and end on Jan 1, 2012)

 So for those who didn't participate when it was running, the idea is to introduce a blog you found and adore while browsing and must share. I know there will be several but you can save the others for the next week, or maybe we could limit it to two introductions. This way the blog you find will also get publicized and credited and admired!And people will also get to browse through your blog! Splendid isn't it?!

I shall call it Saturday Blog Hunt...

Here is my find for today..

                              Black Fingernailed Reviews

This blog is run by Khadija who is a paranormal junkie! She blogs about books, music and movies.And she does author interviews too! She has a weekly feature of her own called "Today's Answer" which i will be participating in!:D And hmm..she is an aspiring writer..I love her blog layout very much! And the eye-catching blog title and banner!. Her blog has a dark feel to it, which i like very much too!

The rules:
You make a post, you could include the image above if you like,about the blog you find and tell us about the blog and its features and what you liked.
Then post your link (way) below* in the linky list..!(i am sooo excited about this bit, because its my first time)
And inform the blogger that you featured their blog in your post..!
Hop by and check out the others on the list..and make sure you leave a comment after checking out their post..
Oh! and do leave me a comment below..:D

Wish me luck since its my first meme attempt and since i have 36 followers (*cheers and thank you all*) i hope it will be a success i.e. more than 5 people will sign up..hehe..And do participate..

*I didn't know how to include it in this post..help?


  1. What a great meme idea. I'm so glad that you like my blog enough to include me!! :)


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