Ruby Holler by Sharon Creech


"Dallas and Florida look set to stay in the orphanage for good until and elderly couple ask the children to come and live with them in Ruby Holler. Dallas and Florida are used to going to people's homes and not staying,so they don't expect much from their latest invitation. However,Tiller and Sairy Morey are an unusual couple. For one thing they keep their money under stones in secret hiding places. But with kids who don't always obey the rules, this may not be the best plan and things don't turn out quite as expected..."
    - from the back cover of my copy

I picked this one up at my school library. I borrowed it mainly because i want to read through and entire series of Heinmann books. The story synopsis didn't exactly pique my interest, but nevertheless i picked it up. The story was simple and went smooth, though the idea was extraordinary. And uncommon one, compared to the other book i have read.It slowly interests you, when the climax is introduced.I did make some guesses about the plot,which turned out to be wrong! I just read on, the end was odd, I felt it was an inconclusive end, more like a loop.
The four main characters are very well described- Dallas, Florida, Tiller and Sairy-strong characters! Sharon described them and their relationships between them.
Dallas and Florida are twins and they seem like quite the opposite but they connect with each well. Tiller and Sairy are a couple and their relationship is an interesting one too! Dallas and Sairy are very alike and Tiller and Florida seem very alike. The way the book describe the two relationship is wonderful, i liked it!
My favorite character in the book was Florida-she is blunt, straight forward and uses the word "putrid" very often. I wondered if the publisher had censored it, because the contexts she used it in almost seemed like she was actually using  f***! I like the fact that she doesn't hesitate to say what she feels and she is genuine.
This book has won the 2002 Carnegie Medal.
Sharon Creech has a website of her too, which you must check out,because it looks like fun!
She has written some other interesting sounding books too, she is a Goodreads author too!

P.S. I read the version with the shadows, but i included the other cover because it looked really nice!


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