Saturday Blog Hunt #2

The rules:
You make a post, you could include the image above if you like,about the blog you find and tell us about the blog and its features and what you liked.
Then post your link in the comment form below..

And inform the blogger that you featured their blog in your post..!
Oh! and do leave me a comment below..:D

My find this week...

This blog is run by Ky from the United States.She is a teen bookworm who LOVES books and discusses books, movies and music on her blog!She is a member of a gazillion pages on the net, which is fascinating frankly. What i absolutely adore about her blog is her layout! Its gorgeous, the background, the banner, the template! I love it..You HAVE to check it out and you shall know exactly what i mean..

Looking forward to you participation..


  1. Ky is a great gal, and her blog is figgin-awesome! Glad you found her blog :)))

  2. Lolz hey Dija and thanks Kiwi! I feel all fuzzy inside XD


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