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A weekly meme hosted by Black Fingernailed Reviews who is also my featured blog in this week's Blog Hunt post!:D
Since she can never pick one favorite book or song, she picks them on weekly basis!Ha..i like that!
Here is my pick for this week..

Favorite Book:

Story plot.. Chutki a wingless princess, the much awaited daughter of King and Queen of the Heavens, so it a BIG so what! Rejected by the un-angelic angels up there, she is smuggled out of heaven by her parents and given a home on Earth. As Chutki grows up,does she find out her true origins? Does she get rejected where is she belongs to and accepted where she doesn't?
A very cute book by an Indian Author- Anand Paro. The book has amazing sketches and crazy characters!

Favorite Song...
White Flag by Dido


  1. I have never heard of the song...or the book. But i'll have to check them out. Thanks for participating ^-^


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