Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella


On great-aunt Sadie's funeral Lara Lington (thats her on the front cover!) is haunted by a spirit. At first she just shakes it off, presuming its a part of her overactive imagination. But when a 20-something year old version of Sadie, dressed in clothes form the 20's (accessories and make-up included!)starts to scream in her ear to stop the funeral its not a figment of Lara's overactive imagination.
Great-aunt Sadie has lost her beautiful necklace made of precious stones with a dragonfly pendant and her soul cannot rest until she finds.So she take the help of Lara and thus begins the story...
Super-cute book! The plot concept is an okay-okay one, but its written really well. All of Sophie Kinsella's protagonists are quirky and hilarious including Lara Lington. I loved the book, it made me cry a little bit, it was a simple plot but a very nice adventure which i completed overnight and enjoyed very much. Except i nearly got to the end and shut it cause it got slow. So i read the ending next morning.
Sadie too is a funny character, she is constantly giving advice and telling stories from her flapper days!
I liked the book, not my favorite-st of Sophie Kinsella (Shop-a-holic series any day!D-uh!)


  1. Great review. I haven't read anything by this author and chicklit is not my favourite genre, but I do like the sound of it. And the cover is cute. :)

  2. Thank you! You should try other Sophie Kinsella books too!:D


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