Where in the World Are you Blog Hop..


Everyone is invited to join us to blog hop and to share where you are from, it will be fun to meet bloggers from all over the world! Where in the World are you?
Please join your Hosts Simply Stacie who lives in Nova Scotia, Canada and Just Married with Coupons who lives in Rhode Island, US on a fun blog hop adventure around the world. Tell us as anything you would like, what country, state, city or region you are from, lets have fun!
The theme this week is traditional foods where you live. 
I am from India! Bangalore city to be specific, which is in the South of India.We as a country our famous for our spicy and aromatic foods,but my city-Bangalore serves Masala Dosas and Filter Coffee at nearly all the Food Joints. Masala Dosa is a crispy bread type of food stuffed with potato cooked in spices. It is served with sambar (-a mix of vegetable, water and spices cooked) and coconut chutney! 


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