Wing Less by Paro Anand


She's born wingless. So may ask. So are most of us.Well,she's a princess,the much-awaited baby of  the King and Queen of the Heavens,so it's a BIG so-what!Rejected by the un-angelic angels up there,her parents smuggle her out of Heaven.Now begins the journey to earth and many adventures to find her new,loving home of not to much and not too little.
As Chutki grows up,she finds out what her true origins are? Does sge get rejected again from where she belongs and accepted where she doesn't?"

The synopsis is quite self-explanatory,it discloses a lot of details about the story.
The book is by an Indian Author, so the names used are Indian. I haven't read INA fiction in a while now, its a refreshing read.After all my YA reads and serious books (compared to this one), in this since its fairy tale a lot of crazy "anythings" happen. After reading the book, i was in a happy Utopian state for a long time. The book is a "fairly weird fairy tale" as the cover says (too tiny to make out from the picture).Its funny and really cute. 
The characters are unique and have funny-names, such as The Note family who have three songs- Bada Note, Chota Note and Change. 
The humor- Note in hindi means Note as in money note and "Bada" and "Chota" mean Big and Small and Change means change and in spare change, it?
The illustrator Anatnu Roy had done an amazing job as the sketches. All the characters have an Indianised touch to them in the illustrations. The entire book is in black and white, just like the cover.
Here are some sketches from the book..


  1. Holy wow! This looks totally awesome. Really unique. Thanks for sharing!


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