Holly Schindler's Playing Hurt Book Blog Tour..

Holly Schindler is the author of A Blue So Dark which released last year. It was her debut novel, and this year in March her second novel is releasing in March-"Playing Hurt"! I've done an interview with her and reviewed her first book!

                                  A Blue So Dark        Playing Hurt

So i just might be hosting a Book Blog Tour of Playing Hurt too!

A Book Blog Tour..What is that you ask?
It is basically for an author to promote his/her new book! She sends a copy of his/her book to bloggers, who review the book on their blog! 
Book Blog Tours are rarely international, and specifically rare in India. Atleast those i have come across. I signed up for one, and for the first time ever, the author emailed to say i could be a part of it too. But since i am the only Indian Blogger who signed up, it will be difficult. She said she could send me a copy to circulate if i put together a list of Bloggers in India, then i can host it....
So what are you waiting for sign up!..wait..read the "you need" below before you do..

You need: 
to be living in India
to have a blog or place where you can post your review online (for the author and others to see!) on sites like Goodreads, Shelfari, Amazon etc.
you need to follow the ruled for the tour which i will put up in my next post when i put together a list and gear up for the tour! I am super excited about this..do spread the word..
I am really sorry international bloggers (sounds funny now that i'm saying it..!) but do be so kind an spread the word..

Ok now sign up..! (Leave a comment if your interested in being a part of the tour!)
This is my first blog tour, so i am ecstatic!!* ginormous grin*

Thanks in advance!


  1. hey, sign me up :). Thanks for letting me know about this one. I struggle with book tours too, so it's exciting to be able to hold this one.

  2. i'd love to take part in the blog tour.. have heard so many good things about this book..

  3. The cover of 'a blue so dark' is really cool!


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