My first ever Book Launch!

No i haven't written a book yet, this was my very first Book Launch that i attended. I went all alone, and going alone to unfamiliar places makes me nervous! The book store was sort of familiar but the people and bookshelves unknown.
I reached the store just in time for the launch! And now for the big moment- Whose book launch?
I went for the release of Turbulence by *drumroll* Samit Basu!!

Samit Basu is the author of several books including the GameWorld trilogy!
He wrote his Debut Novel at the age of 22, which made him the youngest Indian Author at the time her wrote his book. He is one of the few Indian YA fiction authors! He as also written several screenplays and comics. Most of his stories are to do with superhero-despite the fact that as a kid he wasn't allowed to read them.
His books are humorous and make allusions to various other literary works. He also happens to be my favorite author! (Even though i have't read all his books unlike other general author devotees..)

Back to the Launch..

Thats Samit Basu and Zac O'Yeah holding microphones deep in conversation.
Zac O'Yeah is also an author, a Swedish author who has written 11 books in Swedish.
At the store even his books were out- "Once Upon A Time in Scandanavistan".

It started off with a clip trailering the book, and went onto a conversation between the two author. Mainly discussing Samit's writing career and experiences. The he read out a few pages from his book and opened the discussion to questions..
My question was:
"India has very few YA fiction writers.What is your take on that?"
This aren't his exact word but he said something along the lines of a path is being paved for them and soon the list will grow!
 I was extremly nervous for some reason unknown to me! My heart was on a wild frenzy throughout the launch, excitement i presume! Or atleast i'd like to!

Annd i also bought myself a copy of his book Turbulence AND i got it signed too!

*squeeeeel* my first ever copy of a signed book!!!

Here is the cover of the book thats was released..


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