REVIEW ALERT!!! Pulling Princes by Tyne O Connel

I was ecstatic to read this book, and was prancing all around the book shop, overturning a few intimidating novels along the way in search of it. These novels bit persistently at my will power and taunted me to buy them, but no I said! I eschewed them with a firm, un-infiltratable hand and smirked.... Because for the first time I had deemed Pulling Princes as my weekend read, and was determined to purchase that, and that alone!
And how inexplicably thrilled I was by the glossy, contemporary cover, and by it's cheeky, enchanting storyline! This breathtaking specimen inflicted the final blow on my now withering resolution, I neglected the pleas of the weekend, and crouched down right there in the store and began to read.
To give you a brief summary, this book is about an unpopular, insecure American girl who's been inclined to attend boarding school in London and endure the mirthless taunts about her origin, accent and unsuitability. In other words she has been classified as a geek by the pretty, peppy blonde girls who have un-attainable titles like "The Honorable, and Lady" and is forced to roam the tainted confines of unpopularity. Fortunately she does not travel alone, accompanying her is Star, the daughter of an insanely rich rock star who even though is old news, he still has various cult fans screaming his name in a crazy tizzy...
So basically Calypso has been tormented ruthlessly, but this new term she has a plan! She's going to pretend as if Jay, her mothers' gay assistant is her boyfriend and get noticed by the popular peeps. (For truly isn't the universal truth, that you snog a few lads and suddenly find yourself whizzing up the social ladder?) Fortunately her plan works, she finds herself roomies with the most popular girl in school and also finds that Prince Freddie the youngest  in the royal family fancies her and not just her skillful fencing technique (which mind you, she used too whoop his skinny little behind!) 
Now Brace yourself for yes, there is a vindictive, wretched and vile villain in this story and her name is... Honey! (Honestly the world is just one enormous bubbling stew of irony!) 
What I find exasperating is the fact that Calypso forgives Honey for all the cruel things she does at the drop of a hat! It's ridiculous... Wouldn't you want to smack a girl who ruins your life by posting crude pictures of you to the paparazzi, or slips a ton of laxative into your food or even slaps you in plain sight of everyone you care about? That's one of the things that left me gaping in disbelief, also the fact that Calypso cries like a malnourished baby every few pages, also doesn't fail to have you smacking your face in disgust, for honestly... who doesn't want to see a brave protagonist these days? 
Therefore I would like to conclude this size-able rant by adding that I did enjoy Pulling Princes, it was a satisfactory read for a rainy day and you are inclined to read it all the way through even if it is HUGELY predictable, what I despised was the wobbly kneed Calypso and her measly will power, but all in all if you have to read it, then do so for the hell of it!
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  1. Loved reading your rant about it. lol. Sounds like a fun, cute story. :)

  2. Oh that I'll admit it was! You can't help but smile at all the ridiculous messes Calypso gets herself into! It makes you wonder if you'd do it the same way, or at least it makes you criticize her for being so airheaded, all in all it was fun... read it if you desire a fresh and breezy read...


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