REVIEW OF A TIMELESS CLASSIC - How the Grinch Stole Christmas - Dr. Seuss

There is a certain point where books (even at the epitome of humor) leave you sour and unwilling to struggle through to the last pages. No! Don't send me hate mail yet, because I am not criticizing this wonderful creation, for this is a sole book that veered off that precarious peak and managed to leave me in a fit of infantile giggles through out... there isn't a Dr Suess book that doesn't extract a gasp and/or amusement from me... thumbs up and cheers, because I absolutely feasted off the cheeky humor and the little quintessentially Dr.Seuss anecdotes. Never have I so giddily devoured a book like I have this one. It's very short, snappy and oh! So cute... If it were a person,  how I'd like to  pinch it's cheeks!!
Read it if you feel you're growing up too fast, and want a trip down memory lane, to a time when all that mattered were funny little rhymes.... 

I Know you've probably figured this bit out already, but hey it's mandatory! Despite the fact of it being blatantly obvious!!! I am giving this book :
5 STARS!!!


  1. I haven't read this book, shame on me, I really should. Maybe next time with christmas. :) Glad to hear you enjoyed it. Well, giving it five stars, you loved it. ;)

  2. I did!! And I'm sure you'd adore it... it's so modestly cute, you can't help but give the page a few kisses as you read some of the cute little paragraphs... It's the most amazing children's read that I've ever! Reveled in....


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