B for Buffy Summers

 My current Vampire heart-throb is the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series..I just finish watching the entire Season 3 on DVD. I haven't watched or read anything related to it! Just heard it being mentioned here-and-there so decided to give it a go! At first i though it was lame..but a few episodes later i totally dug it!!


What i learned as a newbie?- Buffy Summers is the Vampire Slayer of Sunnydale and has a watcher who goes by the name of Rupert Giles. She also has her gang of mates at school- Cordelia Chase, Xander Harris, Willow-a witch and Oz the werewolf! She also has a Vampire lover named Angel, who is super hot! 

What happens in Season 3?
- From the recap i figured Buffy and Angel had a thing going until he turned out to be bad and she had to kill him and send him to Hell!After that she suffered from a severe heartbreak and ran away from home to "deal with it". The season starts off with her coming back home to her mum-Joyce Summers.
  Just when she attempts to get over him and move on, he gets thrown back down to Earth as a beast!Buffy keeps him her little secret until he becomes more human. Meanwhile she is fighting a variety of repulsive looking creatures single-handed. Until a new Slayer- Faith turns up at Sunnydale bringing along her share of Vampire trouble.A cool Buffy world thing- a new Slayer is born every time and old one dies! Yes Buffy dies at some point fighting Angel if i'm not wrong.
So now there are 2 Vampire Slayers in Sunnydale who are making life for the Vampires there more difficult. Eventually Faith turns bad and encounters various episodes of fighting Buffy and her friends (Faith's ex-friends). 
Then the big climax in the series- Angels get injured badly, poisoned more like and the cure is draining a Vampire Slayer's blood- Whose will he drain?
The other climax- the town's Mayor is a black hat who does lot of conjuring and supernatural dealings. He poses a big problem to the town and Buffy of course. He is holding a big massacre event called the Ascension- which is going to destroy the whole of Sunnydale. Can the town be saved? Can Buffy do it with her trauma of an injured Angel? 
What I thought of it?
I thoroughly enjoyed the series. It was interesting and had witty and hilarious dialogues, and the English was not colloquial, it was really good in fact. These are the noticeable features. Other than that as a plot i really enjoyed it!
It was entertaining, with all the little myths and cliche Vampire methods and ideas.It was quite exciting to watch the early versions of YA Vampire stories.
All the characters were balanced and fun people to watch on-screen!! 
I intend to watch the entire 8 seasons! If you haven't watched it yet and your a Vampire fan you totally must! Buffy is almost like a Classic!

A 5 on 5!! 

The season trailer


  1. A Buffy newbie?? Well I'm glad you are finally watching the episodes. It is my favorite series EVER. I watch reruns all the time and have all 8 seasons on DVD.
    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog :-)

  2. I sooo loved this show! It was awesome! It gets better each season!

  3. I loved the show. You can take the vampires of today and just give me Spike. Believe me, it just gets better from here.


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